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PT Quantum Alpha Cemerlang was founded in 1990 and has been providing quality products to our Customers ever since. Our head office is located in Jakarta with supporting secondary site at Bandung, Indonesia. With over 29 years of expertise, we can offer the best products for our Customers need and application for their products.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Our company employs skill-minded human power and does all kinds of awesome things for the our beloved Customers. Industrial-grade trading, best-in-class customized colour shades development – this is the story of us.

Vibrant, sustainable, and customer-centric – those characterise the company that celebrated its establishment in 1990. Over 28 years of colour expertise has enabled us to offer the best products for our customers’ applications. We have interconnection to a number of highly specialised sourcing with regular quality control and comply with strict quality standards.


Our Top Missions

When you use our colours, you have our guarantee that all our products are tested and compliant to the best quality standards and subjected to the latest relevant regulations especially in your local market.

We are fully committed to our Customer’s success and provide the most personalized service special for our Customers.


We Provide Fully Customized Solutions

We offer the flexibility to offer a wide range of products and customized pricing to our Customers under our homegrown brand, maintaining its quality with compliance control. We also maintain leading brand products.

Tailor Your Requirements

We can provide powders, dispersions, lakes, or custom blend specific to address you requirements. Our Research & Development team is always ready to provide the best-in-market technical support.

Supporting R&D & Spectrometer

We have full laboratory equipment complete with spectrometer to engage analytical, qualitative, and quantitative product benchmarking and control.

Factory & Warehouses

Our factory is compliant with the latest standard in the industry, having the right production capacity to cope with all your speciality requirements. We maintain a large amount of key product stocks to ensure the fastest turn-around-time and effective delivery.

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Customized Colour Shades

Plan your colour shades with us.

Providing the best-in-market and leading colour matching expertise for our Customers. We can provide exact match with our expertise and match the colour perfectly for your needs.

Seasoning - Jelly

Custom Mixing

We provide specialized seasoning mixing service, tailored to your needs, and various jelly mixing service as per your specific requirement and needs.

Ingredient Mixing

Custom Mixing

Develop your special product with us. We can provide special mixing to suit your requirements.