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Lake food colours – popularly known as lakes – are one of the two food colour additives (the other being dyes). Lake colours are very popular synthetic food colour. In fact, lake colours are not only used for foods but are also used in a variety of other industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, inks, plastic food containers etc. Lake food colours are essentially pigments – popular as lake pigments – as their colouring is achieved by dispersion of colours that have different concentrations. Lakes are available in a wide array of colours.

Colour Chart

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Food colouring or Colour additive is any dye, pigment, or substance that imparts color when it is added to food or drink. They come in many forms consisting of liquids, powders, gels, and pastes. Food coloring is used both in commercial food production and in domestic cooking. Food colorants are also used in a variety of non-food applications including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, home craft projects, and medical devices.

Applications For:

Bakery and Confectionary
Dairy Products